Meet our team!

In a world of more and more digitisation, we still like to go back to the familiar analogue. Flags are the appearance of your business, but they do not always hang in the right position or are broken by the wind. This is how the flag 3.0 was created, Flag2Tag. Flag2Tag was founded in 2016 and is specialised in the development of sustainable and innovative products from high-quality materials. The team consists of motivated entrepreneurs who, in collaboration with renowned suppliers such as VDL and SAPA, work creatively and enthusiastically on the development of new innovations.

Flag2Tag is a dynamic flag, which is always visible even when there is no wind. The rotating flag is printed on both sides, so that every rotation gives an image change in the street. Because the flag can be easily replaced, you retain the flexibility to communicate up-to-date expressions of your business. Flag2Tag offers the possibility to distinguish yourself in the current street scene and to increase your attention value. The flag can be fully personalised, so that it will always fit seamlessly with your store formula or brand identity.